Create Windows VM on Acropolis

 1 Creating Windows VM Using Web Console


This post shows how to install a Windows VM on the acropolis hypervizor of Nutanix based on KVM.

 I will try to explain the installation very simply.

Login into PRISM Web Interface :

From the left pull-down menu select « Storage ».

Click on Container

Create a ISO container in Storage Pool and click Save

Confirm the creation container ISO on Storage Pool view.

Launch WinSCP client.

Enter the hostname/IP of your Acropolis cluster, change the port to 2222, then use a username of admin and your cluster password.

WinSCP should then connect to NDFS storage pool

You must see the 2 containers ISO and NDFS01

Send the Windows ISO to ISO Container

From the left pull-down menu select « VM ».

Click on Create VM

Define VM parameters, such as Name, CPU, Memory.

Create vDisk: Click on « New Disk »

Define Disk parameters, such as Type, Operation, Bus Type, Container and Size. Click Add

You must see the vDisk created

Click on New NIC to add virtual Nic

Add network

Click Create Network

Assign VLAN ID « 0 » for native vlan and press Save

Click Close

Click Add to assign vNic to Vlan 0

You must see the vNic assigned to vlan id 0

Download the « virtio » driver for Windows in website:

Send the virtio iso file in the ISO container (We use this iso later to load drivers)

Edit the CDROM

Select OPERATION « CLONE FROM NDFS FILE », Bus Type « IDE » and enter the Windows ISO path in the Container. Click Update

The VM is updated

You can see the details in VM view :











Power On the VM

Click « Launch Console »

If you have little memory on your Acropolis hypervisor.

You can’t boot the VM. Check the avalaible Ram in your cluster.

The Windows VM boot :

Select Custom install

Load the iscsi driver

Mount virtio.iso in CDROM and click Update

Explore :

Navigate to : vioscsi > your windows version > amd64 and click OK

You must see the iscsi driver

Click Next

Remount the Windows 2012R2 ISO file on the VM and click Update

The Windows install start :

Enjoy 😉

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