Configure Nutanix Cluster, Storage Pool and Container

 1 Create Nutanix Cluster


After the deploy of 3 Nested Nutanix CE VM’s, we need to create a Nutanix cluster.

 Connect to one of Nutanix CVM Console

 Username : nutanix

 Password : nutanix/4u

a) Create the cluster:

The process discovers 3 nodes:

The process configures Zeus mapping on 3 nodes:

Starts all cluster services on the 3 nodes:


The Cluster start successfully:


If you have the following problem when creating the cluster:

With the message:

CVM is trying to contact the host KVM and being unsuccessful

Restart Genesis services on 3 nodes:

Check the errors on genesis log : tail -f genesis.out

Log on each KVM host

Run : sshd-keygen on each KVM host

Log on each CVM :

Run : cluster –f destroy

Try to recreate the cluster !

b) Add DNS servers to the cluster :

Check the DNS servers:

 c) Define the name of the cluster.


Click on Cluster Details

Enter the cluster name and click Save


d) Configure the NTP servers :


Click on NTP Servers

Enter NTP Servers and click Add

 e) Configure an external IP address for the cluster :

Set the cluster_ip_address with a virtual IP address for the cluster


Click on Cluster Details

Enter the Cluster Virtual IP Address and click Save

 f) Log into the CVM IP address of any of the nodes on HTTPS port 9440 or on Virtual cluster IP address.

g) Update PRISM admin user password.

h) Enter your .NEXT account :

2 Validate Nutanix Cluster status

After creating a cluster ensure everything is working successfully.

Log onto one of CVM:

Run a diagnostics test with the command:

Test latency stats and IO stats for random/sequential reads/writes and network performance

Check the cluster status (if all services are UP) :

Run command:

3 Create Storage Pool and container

Connect to PRISM web interface :

Click on Storage.

Click on Storage Pool.

Enter Storage Pool Name and Save.

Confirme de

Click on Container.

Enter Container Name, select the Storage Pool and Save.

In the Advanced settings you can activate some features like, Erasure Coding, deduplication, compression, nfs whitelists or change the Replication Factor :


Enjoy 😉

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